KRAIBURG BULGARIA can offer various delivery forms as follows:


Sheets - "Vig-Vag" (utilization: press and transfer technology, manual feeding of extruders) - Endless (with connections), width: 10 ... 600 mm, thickness: 5 ... 18 mm - Cut on size: length: 1100 mm, width: 400 ... 800 mm, thickness: 7 ... 15 mm


Strips (extrudes profiles) (utilization: extruders of higher capacity, automated production lines) - Endless or cut on size 500 mm, width: 100 mm, thickness: 74 mm - Endless a.) width 200 mm, thickness: 25 mm b.) dimensions of the profile less than 50 x 50mm


Calandered (rolled) sheets (utilization: satisfy production needs of strongly defined dimensions of the rubber sheet) - Variable length, width: 800 mm, thickness: 2 ... 10 mm


Separating agents

To be delivered we pack the rubber compounds using different separating agents and materials, depending on the delivery form and the wish of the customer.

We are using mainly:

- liquid separating agent - PE leaves (flat or profiled)

It's possible to combine these separating agencies to obtain better protection. We don't recommend to order any rubber compound without any separating agent (dry and without leaves) because of the high damaging danger (sticking and vulcanization).


Other delivery forms

There are some special compounds (like VMQ, FKM, FVMQ) and their delivery forms that we usually don't produce in our plant but they can be obtained in our main company in Germany. If you need some information about these or you have some other special requirements, please contact your local sales representative or make a tour of GUMMIWERK KRAIBURG.

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