In our plant in Bulgaria we are producing rubber compounds on different polymer basis. To have an overview about the most used polymers and their characteristics please take a look on this table.


Our production equipment assures a capacity of ca. 4000 to/year of mixed compound and contains the following devices:


1.) Mixing lines - GK100 mixer, volume 100 l; compound charge: 110-140 kg (depending on density) - GK2.5 mixer, volume 2,5 l; compound charge: 2,8-4,0 kg (depending on density)


2.) Extrusion lines - D150 mm cold feeding extruder - ensures endless profiles


3.) Calander (roller) line - ensures a higher grade of homogeneity of the compound, for special demands - rubber sheets with defined dimensions


To obtain the best solution for our customers there is a qualified and experienced development team able to search either an existing formula according to the customer's needs, or to develop a new one.


On the other hand we can offer various delivery forms following the technical requirements of the processing tools. For more details please visit this section.


Best results in compounding and implicit in producing finished parts can be obtained only controlling permanently the quality of the materials. We take care about the important parameters of our products, in accordance with EN and DIN norms. A few words about the standard measurements in our laboratory and other possibilities you can read here.

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