Because KRAIBURG is a holding with different products and activities we recommend you to visit also our related sites: - main site of the holding - site of our mother company, more information about rubber compounding, technical descriptions and brochures, downloads - TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) division - tire retreading branch, products, technologies, services - roller coverings made of rubber, products, and services - rubber floorings for animal husbandry - level crossing and dumping systems for railway crossing zones - protecting and insulation systems for buildings and sports floors - granules made floorings for sport establishments


If you are interested on some of these products don't hesitate to contact us or the respective branch directly.


It's an honor to be member or partner of the following organizations: - German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - German-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Rubber Association of Turkey - Rubber Association of Hungary - Rubber Association of Bulgaria

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